Theater Galatea

presents Hamlet April 18-May 10

at the William J. Geery Theater in Sacramento

Four actors,

Three men played by women,

Two hours, 

One Shakespearean tragedy,

And a soundtrack straight

from today's most popular artists

(including OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons,

Avicii, Adele, and more!)

The play's the thing!

What's been said about us ...

It's a little harder to get some funny on than you might think, which makes Put Out: An Adulterated Farce such a delight. ... With this auspicious beginning ... we can only add a warm and giggly welcome to the new Theater Galatea.  Sacramento definitely has room for this kind of fun.  

—Kel Munger, Sacramento News & Review

Art in the Flesh


Theater Galatea

What's been said about our production of Hamlet ...

This was the best "Hamlet" I've ever seen, and considering how often I've seen it, that's saying something. Go! I promise, you won't sit so long your butt goes numb.  

—Kel Munger, Sacramento News & Review

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